Love It. Hate It. The Great “Indie” Debate

Love it or hate it, if you're a writer you can't ignore it.  It's the debate on whether being self-published is valid or not and whether we should continue to call ourselves Independent Authors or Self-published Authors.  After reading Victoria Strauss' "Why You Are Probably Not an Independent Author (or, Another Post for Which I … Continue reading Love It. Hate It. The Great “Indie” Debate


To Post Or Not To Post: Putting Book Content Online

Hello, fine readers!  Just a short post to ask a question.  I've been reading that a few authors post first drafts of books as they write them and the first chapters of their books that have been published.  So, here's my question: do you think posting first drafts and final first chapters is a good idea?

Critters Makes for Better Writing

My husband is a big Star Wars fan.  He watches all six movies often, though there's a couple he watches more often than the rest.  He collects the action figures (never call them toys to a "true" collector).  He rushes to the video store that sells the comic books the same day they call him … Continue reading Critters Makes for Better Writing

Marketing For The Indie Author

We have the flu at our house, so this will be just a short post (and probably a bit scattered in its organization, so I apologize).  I hope to write more on the subject at a later date.  Perhaps by then I'll have tried all the techniques suggested in the following links and will be … Continue reading Marketing For The Indie Author