Doing What You’re Meant to Do

I just finished another chapter of Apprentice Cat. Wahoo!! Each day I get just a little closer to finishing the entire book. That makes me feel great. There are days when I wondered if I was doing what I'm supposed to be doing in my life. Have I chosen the right career for me? Those … Continue reading Doing What You’re Meant to Do


Family Things Disrupt Schedule

As anyone who has been reading this blog regularly can see, I missed my normal Saturday posting last week. That's not the only thing I missed due to family obligations. Because my husband's grandmother was in the hospital, we spent four hours on the road Monday to go visit her. Being a highly sensitive parent … Continue reading Family Things Disrupt Schedule

Hardcover vs Paperback

As with all other aspects of independent publishing, the choice of published format abounds. Do you choose hardcover or paperback? If you publish with a traditional publisher, they will most likely make the decision for you. That can be a good thing if you have a hard time making decisions, but it could also mean … Continue reading Hardcover vs Paperback