Family Things Disrupt Schedule

As anyone who has been reading this blog regularly can see, I missed my normal Saturday posting last week. That’s not the only thing I missed due to family obligations. Because my husband’s grandmother was in the hospital, we spent four hours on the road Monday to go visit her. Being a highly sensitive parent of a toddler who has been having sleep problems lately, by the time we got homw and got our tiny tot to bed I was too beat to think straight, let alone write anything comprehensible.

Some of you may think I’m whining (and maybe I am a little), but my real reason for bringing all this up is to refute what I once read somewhere about family being detrimental to good writing. I have never heard of anyone moaning on their death bed that they wished they’d spent less time watching their children grow or loving their spouse and more time writing.

It is very important to keep to a daily writing schedule, but only to the point that you have ample time with your family. Those sweet moments of life disappear too quickly to spend it on anything else.

In this one writer’s opinion, it’s good to stay on track, but remember to stop and watch the wildlife on The Road to Writing.

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