Getting Organized: A Marketing Strategy

I just discovered a nifty new tool. It’s called a calendar.

Okay, so it’s not really a new tool. I’ve been using my PDA calendar religiously since I bought my first Palm m505 back in 2002. What I’ve discovered is a new use for it as a marketing tool.

Online calendars abound and they can be public or private. You can share them within a small group of friends and co-workers or with the entire world. So what does that mean to an Independent Author? You can share upcoming releases, signings, blog postings, all kinds of great marketing stuff with current and potential readers. AWESOME!!

Since I use Google for the business side of my writing, I chose to use their calendar as well. Now current and future fans can see what I’m up to and what to look forward to.

If you haven’t done it yet, it’s time to think about letting the world know what you’re doing on The Road to Writing.

2 thoughts on “Getting Organized: A Marketing Strategy

  1. I absolutely love Google Calendar — we plan out all of our blog post ideas and due dates on there, and it’s been so helpful in keeping us organized. I never thought about using it as a marketing tool for authors, but that’s an excellent idea – since they can be shared, it’s a perfect way to stay connected with readers without adding another task onto their daily plate. They just check their calendar and you’re there! Thanks for the post (and the idea)!

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