Stuck Without Computer Access… A Writer’s Dilemma

Have you ever been stuck away from your computer with a deadline hanging over your head? What do you do? Grab your Smartphone, a piece of scrap paper or even a napkin and get to work.

As I sit here waiting for my flat tire to be fixed I started to worry about how I would ever get my post for this week finished in time. You see, I decided it would be best to refrain from using the computers at my job after one of them became infected with a virus. (I do a lot of research for these posts and with that comes the risk of viruses.) That means, with no computer access, I lose four hours of writing time everyday. My mornings and evenings are devoted to my little girl, so, again, no computer access. That leaves only a short time just before bed. It makes every lost moment (like now on my “writing day”) painful.

I’m a big believer in Murphy’s Law, but I also know that there are work-arounds to any obstacle — if you care to look for them. Writing on my little Palm Centro keyboard is not something I want to do on a regular basis, but, when faced with either doing that or losing even more writing time, I’ll take the hand crampage any day.

With a little luck, and a whole lot of creative thinking, any writer can find a way to keep working on The Road to Writing.

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