Is Speech Recognition Software The Next Step In Writing

I think any writer can tell you that, when you stop writing, life becomes nothing but shades of grey. That’s what my last few weeks have been — nothing but shades of grey. In short I’ve been miserable. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to write. It’s just that I’ve been very busy. I usually have just enough time to juggle all my responsibilities, including working on my current project, but I’ve recently picked up a few hours at work and its severely limited my time.

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2 thoughts on “Is Speech Recognition Software The Next Step In Writing

  1. Well, I’m also really visual, and it took me awhile to get used to speech recognition. However, I like being able to write faster. Here’ the thing, though: you have to put in the time up front to learn to use it. Making corrections is especially important in the first few weeks.

    Which software are you using? If it is Dragon NaturallySpeaking, then there is a mode, Dictation mode, where you CAN close your eyes and speak the text, then make corrections later–without worrying that your text will accidentally become deleted or something.

    Best wishes, from another independent publisher,
    Calais Ingel

    • At the moment I’m using the speech recognition that comes with Windows 7. I don’t want to invest in Dragon until I’m sure this new technology is something I can use. I’ve discovered even typing on the computer can get in the way of my writing, so I often handwrite my stuff first. That’s where I think speech recognition software can really help me. Either way I’ll be doing a lot more work with this software before I make a final decision. BTW I was interested to see you’ve published a book on using Dragon for college students. Have you considered expanding your audience focus to the “average” person? I would certainly be interested in a book like that.

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