Marketing Monday: Multiple Streams Of Income

If you don’t already know how important having an ebook is, then perhaps you want to check out this post: Ebook Buyers: Can You Afford To Lose Them?

For the rest of you, I’d like to make a quick suggestion: don’t stop with ebooks.

On the Enneagram my husband is a 7 and I am a 9. We like to joke that he’s the idea man, but I’m the one who makes those ideas come to life. So, when my idea man suggested I put my latest book, Simply Prayer (also on Nook and Kindle), out as an audio book, I jumped on it. (It didn’t hurt that I know at least one person who prefers audio books because she’s so busy.)

A little research helped me find not only how to produce my own audio book for free, but also who I could list it with (distribution is still a major factor in making money!).

Here’s what I learned so far:

  1. Author Tim Hampton suggested in an interview on Self Publishing Coach using because “CDbaby also makes my work avaliable at itunes, emusic and more…”

  2. There is free software available to create your audio book called Audacity.

  3. There are tutorials like Create An Audio Book With Audacity & Audiobook Cutter and Create and Sell an Audio Book Using These 5 Simple Steps by Shelley Hitz.

  4. Don’t expect the print version of your book to make sense to a listener. You may need to script your book, especially if it contains long web site addresses or footnotes.

I’ve only just begun working on putting together a Simply Prayer audio book, so I’ll be adding more information as I go. In the meantime, I would love to hear from anyone who has thought about doing an audio book or has already made that journey. What tips or questions do you have?

2 thoughts on “Marketing Monday: Multiple Streams Of Income

  1. Virginia,
    I think you should go for it 🙂 What I did was block off a Saturday to sit down and record. Doing it all in one sitting helped me be more productive. I think it actually took me two days, but that time continues to help others (who are more auditory learners) and earn me income.

    Using Audacity is simple to learn and the software is free!

    I’ll be interested to hear what you learn as you go as well.

    Best wishes to you!


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