Christian Fiction Indie Authors Successful In Kindle Top 100

There’s a lot of conversation around the Top 100’s in Kindle sales and it’s mostly surrounding mainstream authors. I was curious about the Top 100’s in Christian Sci-Fi and Fantasy, so I took a peek. Here’s what I found.

Top 11 Christian Sci-Fi and Fantasy

      • The first seven books listed in Top 100 Paid were by Vaughn Heppner, an indie author selling his books for $2.99 or less.
      • In eighth and ninth place was Mary Doria Russell, traditionally published by Ballantine and selling her books for $11.99.
      • Vaughn Heppner reappears in slot 10.
      • In the number 11 spot was Angela Hunt, also traditionally published by Thomas Nelson and selling her book for $1.27.

So what can we conclude from this little snapshot?

What’s happening in the mainstream is also happening in Christian speculative fiction. The main difference I’m seeing is that some publishers seem to be adapting quicker to the new paradigm: readers want good ebooks at low prices.

It also means that getting traditionally published will only validate your writing if that is how you view success. Indie authors writing Christian fiction have the same opportunities as any other author, provided we work smart and give it our all.

Success is a matter of choice regardless whether you choose traditional publishing or indie publishing for both mainstream and Christian fiction.


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8 thoughts on “Christian Fiction Indie Authors Successful In Kindle Top 100

  1. So true. It’s a new world, especially pertaining to publishing. I’m a POD author with four books under my belt and was just picked up by an exciting literary agent. Am hoping her contacts/expertise will provide greater exposure. Perhaps animation? Films? (readers often suggest those avenues.) Your opinion is right on.

  2. Great article! I am very excited about the success with Christian Indie writers! Without the easy ways to upload your books to Kindle, my book would have never made it to the top 100! It’s currently #4 in Religious Fiction, Biblical just after Francine Rivers. It’s so nice to be in such amazing company!

    Patience Prence
    Author SCARS: An End-Times Novel

  3. Hi Virginia, thanks for your post. I’ve just started a site featuring Christian books on Kindle for 99c and free. If you know any authors who might be interested please pass on the details. Thanks so much and God bless, Lianne

  4. Hi Writers! I’m infomation gathering. Are any of you guys indies? I’m going rogue, but it looks like Amazon either takes out 35%, or they only give you 35% in royalty. Unlike. So if I want to sale copies of my book on my own site, would I go through PayPal? I definitely don’t want to deal w/ credit cards myself. Your thoughts?

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