3 Ways to Get Free (Or Almost Free) Training

I've blogged about using a training budget before, but sometimes you may find your budget is hovering around $0. What do you do then? Spend time trolling through other author's blogs, especially those who offer eBooks (and other types of media) covering topics you're interested in, and prowling over social media networks. There are three … Continue reading 3 Ways to Get Free (Or Almost Free) Training

The Silent Character

As I worked on Apprentice Cat, I've began noticing something interesting.  In each scene there are the characters that are talking, acting, thinking or just hanging around, but they are there.  I point them out as being there.  Then there are characters who are there, but not there.  These are what I've come to call "silent … Continue reading The Silent Character

Blogging: Are You Wasting Your Time?

I don't think there is anyone who would disagree that blogging on a regular basis is a must, but why? What is your purpose for blogging? If it's to make money, then you'll need to check out Problogger, follow his guidelines, and use as many of the resources he has on his web site as … Continue reading Blogging: Are You Wasting Your Time?