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This is my initial attempt at using BookBuzzr for marketing my book Fear Not! Discovering God’s Promises For Our Lives. As you can clearly see, I’m having a lot of trouble. I’m currently emailing the tech team and trying to work with them to fix this problem. So far, the idea behind BookBuzzr is great, but it isn’t living up to my expectations. Stay tuned for a full review May 29.


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I just discovered a nifty new tool. It’s called a calendar.

Okay, so it’s not really a new tool. I’ve been using my PDA calendar religiously since I bought my first Palm m505 back in 2002. What I’ve discovered is a new use for it as a marketing tool.

Online calendars abound and they can be public or private. You can share them within a small group of friends and co-workers or with the entire world. So what does that mean to an Independent Author? You can share upcoming releases, signings, blog postings, all kinds of great marketing stuff with current and potential readers. AWESOME!!

Since I use Google for the business side of my writing, I chose to use their calendar as well. Now current and future fans can see what I’m up to and what to look forward to.

If you haven’t done it yet, it’s time to think about letting the world know what you’re doing on The Road to Writing.

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We have the flu at our house, so this will be just a short post (and probably a bit scattered in its organization, so I apologize).  I hope to write more on the subject at a later date.  Perhaps by then I’ll have tried all the techniques suggested in the following links and will be able to give you a heads up on what’s worked best for me.

To begin, a lot of first time Independent Authors may think using a print ad will help sell their book.  Not so, says Morris Rosenthal.  Think about when you last purchased a book.  Did you buy it because you saw a great print ad that convinced you to buy it?  Not too likely.  You probably bought it either because you got a peek at what was inside or you heard a great review either by someone you know or another online customer (assuming you bought it somewhere like Amazon).

Going along with that is an article by Sam Henrie that gives tips on how to best market your book.  He says that authors shouldn’t focus on brick-and-mortar stores, but rather on online stores like Amazon and on online marketing.  At the very end of his article he states that every author should have a web site, which will help sell the books.  Some suggest publishing completely online.

On that, Morris Rosenthal says in his article “Book Marketing — Reasearch Competing Title Sales And How To Market Books Online”, “You can’t give the whole book away for free and not expect it to affect sales.”  I’ve been considering putting a chapter or two for potential readers on my web site (which I have yet to build :P).   We’ll see how that works for me.  According to Rosenthal, his sales jumped 200% when he put only the first three chapters of his book Start Your Own Computer Business: The Unembellished Guide on his site.

As for actual strategies on how to market a book online, I’ve discovered a wonderful free eBook called Plug Your Book by Steve Weber.  Weber says, “A single strategy won’t work, but a combined effort will produce results, and the effect will be cumulative.”  I plan on doing as he suggests and reading through the book entirely, then attacking each strategy in turn.  I’ll be keeping track of my progress on a calendar, as he also suggests, and plan on updating all of you as well.

Well, my “short post” wasn’t as short as I had planned, but sometimes that’s the way it goes on The (long) Road to Writing.

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