7 Links To Help Every Writer With Taxes

 Maybe it seems a little early to start thinking about doing your taxes, but it's been my experience that the sooner you get on it, the less stressful it can be. Thankfully there are people and web sites out there to help us slot all those numbers in the correct places on the correct forms … Continue reading 7 Links To Help Every Writer With Taxes

4 Links To Overcome Publishing Despair

The road to publication is filled with pain and tears... bloodshed... mayhem.... I'm being melodramatic here. Of course, that could just be that I've recently read several posts about how painful the publication process can be and how difficult it is to write good fiction. Here's a small sampling: "This is literally years of work you're seeing. … Continue reading 4 Links To Overcome Publishing Despair

Hardcover vs Paperback

As with all other aspects of independent publishing, the choice of published format abounds. Do you choose hardcover or paperback? If you publish with a traditional publisher, they will most likely make the decision for you. That can be a good thing if you have a hard time making decisions, but it could also mean … Continue reading Hardcover vs Paperback

Love It. Hate It. The Great “Indie” Debate

Love it or hate it, if you're a writer you can't ignore it.  It's the debate on whether being self-published is valid or not and whether we should continue to call ourselves Independent Authors or Self-published Authors.  After reading Victoria Strauss' "Why You Are Probably Not an Independent Author (or, Another Post for Which I … Continue reading Love It. Hate It. The Great “Indie” Debate