13 Resources to Make Editing Your Novel Easier

As if learning the craft of writing a novel isn't difficult enough, after it's finished you'll need to edit it. If you're going to be traditionally published, you'll probably work with an editing staff to make your work marketable. But before it gets to that point, you have to get it past the slush pile … Continue reading 13 Resources to Make Editing Your Novel Easier


4 Links To Overcome Publishing Despair

The road to publication is filled with pain and tears... bloodshed... mayhem.... I'm being melodramatic here. Of course, that could just be that I've recently read several posts about how painful the publication process can be and how difficult it is to write good fiction. Here's a small sampling: "This is literally years of work you're seeing. … Continue reading 4 Links To Overcome Publishing Despair

Deaf With Belief

There's a story I once read, one of those email stories that get forwarded multiple times, about a group of frogs.  Each frog is doing its best to race to the top of a high tower, but one by one they drop off as they begin to hear others declaring, "What pain!!! They’ll never make … Continue reading Deaf With Belief